Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Foreverly Fun Family Search is ON!!

We are looking for the Foreverly Fun Family!

It's been a bit damp & gray lately so... it’s the perfect time for us to find the Foreverly Fun Family! We want to offer a fun family the opportunity to have a professional family shoot! We are looking for and accepting nominations or applications for or from families that would like to be the Foreverly Fun Family!

What can the Foreverly Fun Family expect? We will offer an hour or two of our time (at a location to be determined), a 12x8 professional print selected by our Foreverly Fun Family. The Foreverly Fun Family would also have an on-line gallery of their session to share with family and friends, a 25% discount on anything purchased through their on-line shopping cart, a disc of images printable up to 6”x 4” in colour and black & white.

How do you apply or nominate a family? Send us an email with your name, address, telephone numbers (home & mobile) and why you or the family you are nominating is the Foreverly Fun Family! The nominations or applications need to be received by February 28th 2013. The restrictions- we would prefer as a minimum a family of 3 and family is defined as immediate family members only.

Anyone 16 or older can apply and the Foreverly Fun Family search is being conducted by Foreverly Photography and the Foreverly Fun Family will be selected by Foreverly Photography.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Foreverly Take 2 Shoots!

What is a Foreverly Take 2 Shoot? Well let’s have one of favorite brides ever tell you in her own words what a Take 2 Shoot is!

"Upon first hearing that I was going to be able to put my wedding dress on again, I was so excited.  Although Tim and I had only been married for five months, the dress was still in my mind as we were at the stage where we were looking through all our photos again ready to pick some out for our new photo frames. 

I was envisaging how I would feel when I put it on again...and when I did, it didn't disappoint - it just felt very special.  I could see myself stand up straight with my head held high and I felt like a bride.  Seeing Tim in his wedding suit also made my heart miss a bit - I was reminiscing about our wonderful day and the fact that we are still so happy together (even though we've been together for nine years!).  The swish of the fabric, the sparkle of the dress and the train - you never forget just how special your wedding dress is." 

Much love. xxx”

Kate & Tim’s wedding was a very special wedding for us. Our daughter was just 7 days old when they got married!  We thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of documenting their special day!  To get to work with them again and see just how much in love they are was a real treat indeed!

Please enjoy a few photographs of this lovely couple on their Take 2 Shoot Smile









We hope Kate & Tim enjoyed their Take 2 Shoot as much as we did!

As always Thank You for stopping by!

For information on a Take 2 shoot please drop us an email at

or give us a bell at

07923 408 556


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Children's Modeling Portfolios–Yes we do them!

Ever wondered if you,  your child,  a niece or nephew have what it takes to be a model?

It’s  a great question and one we get asked a lot! The honest answer is you won’t know until you try! I’m not being cheeky or vague but lets look at this from the idea that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

When you put people in front of a camera it changes them. Some feel right at home and are happy to play around and enjoy themselves while others freeze up. It’s a bit like throwing a ball, we all can do it just not as well as some others can.

So when it comes to you or your child being in front of a professional photographers camera you really won’t know till you try. It’s very important that the photographer knows children, is patient and has the ability to connect with that child, to disarm them and to bring out the personality of the child.  Looking at some of the most popular actors and actresses it’s not their face you always fall in love with it’s them!

It’s not all about looks as much as it is about personality. Catching the smile is one thing but the mischievous smirk, the wide eyed smile and laugh, is altogether something different!  The photograph should capture the personality as well.  I would like to think Vanessa and I are good at getting our subjects to relax and have fun in front of the camera Smile 

Confident Photographers leads to Confident Subjects!

Here are a few shots from a recent portfolio for a young model hopeful!













As always we appreciate you stopping by Smile 

If there are any future stars in your family or friends circles please give them our contact details!

07923 408 556

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cherished Forever- A Cause We Believe In…

As Photographers, Vanessa and I want to do all we can to involve ourselves in our community and be apart of what is happening around us. As parents we want to take ownership in our community and be apart of what effects our friends and neighbors.

To that end we have opened our doors to charities and the Cherished Forever is one of those charities we absolutely believe in.

Why? The service that they provide is not profit motivated, it is a service that offers comfort and compassion to parents who have lost their babies, children and loved ones.  There are no words of comfort that can find their way through the years. As sympathies are left behind with the march of time, just moving forward creates a void. What Cherished Forever does is march with time, offering the lasting remembrance of that very special life that was lost. A remembrance that  can be touched, held and carried with but never replace the loss.

I had the privilege of working with Beth Hawkes the other day and I want to share her words as well as the work we did for “Cherished Forever” with you.

“Cherished Forever was formed following my husband and my experience of losing our son Nathaniel who was still born at 22 weeks.  Having a lasting memory of our son brought us comfort during an incredibly difficult time and our personal and unique keepsakes remain to keep Nathaniel close to our hearts and that of our families.

As a charity we offer to help parents who are going through similar circumstances deal with their grief.  We provide all the hospitals in the Southern West Midland Newborn Network NHS Trust, with beautiful wooden memory boxes containing identical teddies (one for baby and one for parents) with hand knitted blankets and hats.  In addition we offer to create silver pieces of jewellery using baby's hand and foot ink prints, providing an everlasting memory.

We are in the process of setting up our website and as a charity we are always looking for help with everything we do.  Rick and Vanessa kindly offered to help us with photography of our boxes and jewellery to display on our site.  Thank you especially to Rick who took time out of his day yesterday to spend an hour taking the pictures and then edit them ready to collect today - talk about service!!

Now we have all our wonderful shots it wont be long until our website is up and running, please give us a visit at . In the meantime if you would like any further information about what we do or want to help us in anyway (if you or someone you know knits or crochets we are always looking for people to help make the blankets and hats), then please get in touch with me on 07877 906 009.

A huge thank you again to Vanessa and Rick for their help, it is very much appreciated!

Beth x”

Please find below some of the photographs Foreverly Photography did for Cherished Forever











As always Thank You for stopping by Smile 

If you think that you could help the good folks at Cherished Forever then please give them a call and if you think there is someone that could benefit form their services please don’t be shy and give them a referral.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fast Cars & Pretty Women

Some times a car really can make a big  difference! Some people are absolutely in love with their cars and some people… not so much.

The “Petrol Head” as they are referred to here in the UK may not be a bad friend to make.

They usually know as much as your local garage man about everyday repairs that some how manage to happen after the garage has closed. They are quick to answer the phone when you call with a car question or need help diagnosing a problem or recommending a choice when your in the market for a second hand vehicle. So imagine having a friend that does that  and is willing to help with all of the above and he lets you drive this on your wedding day!








Beautiful Car, Lovely Couple, Very Cool Best Man Smile

Thanks For Stopping By



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Martin + Lisa Engaged? You Betcha!

Today was a fabulous day! A rare treat where the day started with an engagement shoot followed by one of our “Take 2 Shoots”!

Martin & Lisa are getting married next year and we did the engagement shoot this morning. They are such a great couple! We are looking forward to their wedding in 2012 and the privilege of  documenting the day for them.

We met at Mary Stevens Park this morning and the rest is well … See for your self and enjoy a peel at their session!













Really looking forward to 2012!

Thanks For Stopping By Smile