Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Fun at Jinney Ring

Another fun family shoot at Jinney Ring! This family is one of the first families I shoot with Vanessa when I came over before I moved here. The Steads have three beautiful children now and there were only 2 when I first met them, well to be fair the little one was due so I guess it was 2 1/2 children Smile

The kids are happy and full of energy and the two older siblings love their little sister and it really shows! When it came to getting the little one to smile they were right behind us making faces and noises and thanks to them we got some great shots!!









Thank You to the Stead family for sharing some time with us!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The New Harry Potter?

Vanessa and I had the pleasure of meeting the Tapper family at Jinney Ring and had a lovely time with them. Their little boy was so engaging and energetic we had our hands full following the little guy around Smile 

As I was editing I came across a shot that reminded me of something out of Harry Potter and of course it made me smile and that image and that thought stuck with me the whole time I was editing their shoot… so of course I had to mention it here!

There was a bucket as well that caught the attention of our subject and he had quiet the time with it as well… The day was windy but we really enjoyed our time with the Tapper family, and there is a good chance he may have a future in Photography Smile


Expellee Amos Anyone?








Thank You to the Tappers for spending a little time with us!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Crane Family

On Sunday July 10th I got to meet the Crane family! We did a portrait shoot in their back garden and had a wonderful time with their daughters and both cats!

They decided to do their family shoot in the garden as they are preparing to move house and wanted to get some photographs their. Our homes are an important part of who we are and often times when we are sad or feeling blue we want to go home… usually back to where we spent a majority of time as a child or teen and usually we can’t. It’s great to have childhood memories and memories that are backed up with pictures help to remind us the details that may have been forgotten.







A Big Thank You to the Crane family!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Christening For George!

July 3rd we attending the Christening for George and what a beautiful day it was! The weather was picture perfect and George was decked out in a Christening gown that had been in his family for quite sometime.

Traditions are what family is all about isn’t it? Yes his party was unique to him but his gown shares a history that will be passed on – just like his photographs. To be a part of his day is as always an honor and a privilege one that we take very seriously.

We are happy to share a few images from this special day!










Rumor has it she baked it herself!




Welcome George! Thank You for allowing us to be a part of your day!


Thursday, July 7, 2011



Vanessa and I got to step back in time Saturday July 2nd and attend Zoe’s Birthday Bash at the  Rydell Carnival.  Rydell High School (featured in the Movie “Grease” starring John Travolta & Olivia Newton John) and as Zoe has seen the movie hundreds of times when it came time for her 21st Birthday party of course she chose “Grease” as her theme.

The “Diner” was complete with neon signs and the big attraction just out in front was a Carousel! A steam driven carousel and built in 1880 it was a beautiful work of art. Vanessa and I got to have a ride and for me it really took me back to my days as a young boy at Coney Island!

The bash was well attended by both the “T-Birds” & “The Pink Ladies” along with other characters from the film. This was such a fun event for us and we really enjoyed ourselves as did all of Zoe’s guest! There was lots of laughter, smiles and fun memories!

Just off of Route 66 was where this celebration took place and we are happy to share a few photographs from the evening! I am sure there will be a follow up post as there were so many great images from the evening!!













Friday, July 1, 2011

Prints! I Like Them Large!

I know I am probably not alone when I say I like BIG prints! The bigger the better and the tighter and sharper the image the bigger you can take that print. A large print on a wall with little satellite prints around it is a very cool look.  Also popular is the family portrait with individual prints of each family member around the main portrait.

BUT… what if you had one large print without all the little prints? One print that had 16 individual images or a sequence of images that needed to be displayed together because… well because they just do!

You have so many options when it comes to prints these days, so many cool frames and so little wall space Smile  Why not design a print around the room it’s going to hang in? You spend months and months looking for the perfect sofa, and weeks on end looking at paint and trying to find the perfect shade why not design a print that fits the room? Why limit yourself to the traditional 10x8 or 6x4? Why not have a custom print that is 30”x30” and fits the blank spot on the wall and gives the room the perfect finishing touch?

It isn’t going to cost as much as you may think, it is highly personalized and you can design it from the photo shoot to the printing! Big prints give the viewer the ability to enjoy the subject and feel more connected to it than a smaller standard print in a standard frame.

Make your own Art! It really is a lot of fun designing a large Montage of images and once framed they last a life time!

OR…why not have a large print as a poster? We can mount your prints on foam core! They are light and easily moved from place to place and hanging them up is very easy! You really can fill a wall with personal treasures for not a whole lot of money and you can keep it current as well!

Some examples that I hope illustrate my idea! Thank you to the Thacker family as these images are from their shoot at Mary Stevens Park! The boys were terrific and we all really had a great time Smile 

(An hour or so in the park playing with your kids and getting some great photographs sounds like fun Smile )



mont 3

Smile Last But Not Least! This is an 18”x18” square design which allows it to be made larger or smaller to fit the space you are looking to fill. Smile


You can have these made up for parties or special events! A client had a collection of family photographs made into 8 posters to celebrate their parents 50th Wedding Anniversary! They looked great and the family had some really cool mementos as well.

We can make a big print for you! Custom designed with your existing photographs or book a family shoot like the Thacker Family did and start your custom Art project!

As always Thank You for Stopping By!


Have a great weekend and stay safe!!