Monday, June 27, 2011

Family Montages

I have always loved creating Montages, using images to tell a story or share a group of images in one place. Often times you may only have a place for one really great photograph on your wall, or you may have several photographs that you really love and want to share and can’t narrow it done to one photograph.

These Montages that I have created are based on being a parent having a collection of images and limited wall space. So I took a few shots from the Best family portrait shoot that Vanessa did and came up with three different Montages or Composites as some folks refer to them.

They are for the family of course but as a photographer and editor of photographic images I chose these as favorites from a series of images. I also snuck one Montage in there that might have a sentimental twist to it Smile  Rather than embarrass myself and say which one it is I will leave it up to your imagination in the event the message didn’t make it through Smile

We can do these for any of our clients or if you have a group of old photographs your trying to figure out something to do with them we can scan your old images and create something special just for you!

I hope you enjoy these! 




The designs are varied and original on all of our Montages/Composites as we design from the experience we had with each client and no size fits all. We take your input and suggestions and following your lead we design a one of a kind piece of family art!

Thank You for being here and we look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Thacker Family at Mary Stevens Park

Vanessa and I met the Thacker family at Mary Stevens Park on Sunday the 19th for a family portrait shoot. We had great weather and the temperature was perfect! The two boys were active and having a great time playing as we photographed them. Mum & Dad even got in on the fun towards the end of the shoot.

We had a really great time with a really great family! We look forward to working with them and all of our Foreverly Families again in the not to distant future!

Meet the Thacker Family!














Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Best Family Photo Shoot

Vanessa and the Best family met up at Hanbury Hall for a portrait session with Claire, Adam, Oli & Meg  and what a great time it was! The weather was perfect and the children really seemed to enjoy themselves.

Oli & Meg played and had a relaxed fun time while Vanessa worked away without interrupting them or putting them into awkward poses. This is the style and approach that Foreverly Photography has always used for our family photo shoots.

We can and often still do the traditional posed family photo sessions. The feedback we received from our clients with younger children was that they preferred our relaxed approach and the comfortable environment we create for the whole family. The photographs of the children are more natural and capture the personality of the child as well as the dimples and grins!

Vanessa and I are both parents with children ranging for 3 months to 16 we have a lot of experience with children both behind and in front of the camera. We do whatever it takes to make everyone feel comfortable!  

We have scheduled two days of “Family Mini Shoots” as those dates are just about full we are considering adding a third day. If your interested stop by our Foreverly Photography Facebook Page for more details and client comments!

I hope you enjoy meeting the Best family as much as we did!












Family Portraits are fun and rewarding for us and our clients!

We value the trust placed in us to capture your cherished memories

and we promise to treat your family like we treat our family!

Please call or email for more information regarding our Family Portrait Sessions or our

Family Mini Shoots!

07923 408556

Current Promotions Include Discounts Up To 20%

(expiring 30.06.2011)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Albums Are Keepsakes!!

Wedding Albums are so much more than a picture album. They are keepsakes, a treasured reminder of a significant moment in time. A record of when your life was irrevocably changed forever! They are more than “Albums” more than just a collection of snapshots.

A Wedding Album is a keepsake from your Wedding Day! Something unlike anything else from your special day as it lives on. The cake is gone, the flowers are gone and someone else is riding in that limo!  A physical thing you can touch, hold and share.

Vanessa and I design and craft each album and they are as unique as the couple we create it for.  It is with a great deal of pride and responsibility we shoot every wedding. We are documenting our couples story, an end to being single and the beginning of a new family. The keepsake is the story telling with pictures rather than words of that all important day.  We take that role very seriously and no matter whether our couple is ordering an album or not our approach doesn’t change nor does the level of coverage our couples get. 

There are other times in our lives that are just as important. Births, Renewal of vows or commitments, Christening and Blessing ceremonies or any moment really, as everyday is special as it only ever happens once.

We feel those special times deserve keepsakes as well.  We also know that during this economic climate that every penny is important so we are prepared to do more than just talk about it!

For a limited time we are offering a 6x6 album with 20 sides for £160 or a 6x8 album with 20 sides for £185! If you are already a Foreverly Client we can use the images we have already captured for you if you are a new client we will offer the photo shoot at substantial savings!! 

They are top quality albums produced by a quality manufacturer,  made of quality materials and we wouldn’t recommend anything that didn’t meet our standards! 

There are of course other sizes as well as types of paper and covers available for you to choose from.

Having the high resolution disc is great but for a few £’s more you can have a keepsake of that day in your life that only happens once!

The following photographs are of the 6x6 album and a larger size album and are the albums on offer!










Please Call or email any questions you may have!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blessing & Naming for Reuben!

Vanessa & I had the pleasure of documenting the blessing of Reuben and were privileged to meet his family and friends. It was a really great ceremony conducted by Lindsay Jarrett a Celebrant/Interspiritual Minister.

There were guests there from as far away as the United States! It was easy to see the family unity and the kindness they all showed one to another. My favorite part of the ceremony was when Rueben’s father Rhodes began blowing bubbles to natural response entertain him and keep him from becoming to restless! It was great fun and we really enjoyed ourselves!

Email for Lindsay Jarrett her contact number is 07597 929200.  Vanessa and I highly recommend her as she is sincere, kind, well spoken and very nice! 

Please Enjoy!














If your planning  a naming or blessing ceremony please give us a call!