Monday, June 27, 2011

Family Montages

I have always loved creating Montages, using images to tell a story or share a group of images in one place. Often times you may only have a place for one really great photograph on your wall, or you may have several photographs that you really love and want to share and can’t narrow it done to one photograph.

These Montages that I have created are based on being a parent having a collection of images and limited wall space. So I took a few shots from the Best family portrait shoot that Vanessa did and came up with three different Montages or Composites as some folks refer to them.

They are for the family of course but as a photographer and editor of photographic images I chose these as favorites from a series of images. I also snuck one Montage in there that might have a sentimental twist to it Smile  Rather than embarrass myself and say which one it is I will leave it up to your imagination in the event the message didn’t make it through Smile

We can do these for any of our clients or if you have a group of old photographs your trying to figure out something to do with them we can scan your old images and create something special just for you!

I hope you enjoy these! 




The designs are varied and original on all of our Montages/Composites as we design from the experience we had with each client and no size fits all. We take your input and suggestions and following your lead we design a one of a kind piece of family art!

Thank You for being here and we look forward to hearing from you!

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