Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Retouching Portraits

Retouching Photographs these days isn’t that much different from the days of film. We took a roll of film dropped it in our cameras, be it the 110 instamatic or the 35 mm SLR and once it was shot, it was sent off to the lab to be processed. Some photographers processed their own photographs in their own dark rooms but certainly not a majority of photographers.

Today photographs are processed by the photographer more than labs. Just about every point and shoot camera comes with a software application to process the images. There are plenty of freeware applications to edit your images with as well.

The photographer has at his or her disposal a myriad of tools to help correct color cast, brightness and contrast issues and some times even focus. Each application has it’s own strengths and weaknesses and there isn’t just one tool in the box these days. Most professional photographers have a few programs that they use for different parts of their work flow.

One thing has not changed however… It takes time, knowledge and skill and the right tools.

At Foreverly Photography I typically edit all the images. I download and process just about every image file that Foreverly Photography takes. We have at our disposal some very nice tools and I have spent a great deal of time learning how to process our images to give our clients the very best image possible.

We do everything from Black & White conversions to  Cross Processing here. Vanessa has some great ideas when it comes to images and how she wants them to look. I have ideas as well but when it comes to the higher end processing we are guided by the image itself.

The basic corrections applied to all our images are color correction, minor blemish removal and conversion to a format our clients can print. This is all a part of our basic work flow. On our portrait shoots we try to include edits that are above and beyond the basics. Not just Black & White but some processed in a more dramatic fashion.

We offer retouching on all of our work. We offer retouching on digital images as well as film images.

Additionally we offer digital processing from start to finish for the amateur as well as professional photographers and everyone in between! Anything from one image to a whole disc.

So just to give you the idea of what our advanced retouching involves I am going to share a few examples of portrait work only. The high end stuff we do for our brides and portrait clients will be shared with you at a later date.






If you are interested in having us process your photographs please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

We can manage anything from a cherished photograph that you would like restored or spruced up to a disc full of images or a special project!


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