Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Foreverly Take 2 Shoots!

What is a Foreverly Take 2 Shoot? Well let’s have one of favorite brides ever tell you in her own words what a Take 2 Shoot is!

"Upon first hearing that I was going to be able to put my wedding dress on again, I was so excited.  Although Tim and I had only been married for five months, the dress was still in my mind as we were at the stage where we were looking through all our photos again ready to pick some out for our new photo frames. 

I was envisaging how I would feel when I put it on again...and when I did, it didn't disappoint - it just felt very special.  I could see myself stand up straight with my head held high and I felt like a bride.  Seeing Tim in his wedding suit also made my heart miss a bit - I was reminiscing about our wonderful day and the fact that we are still so happy together (even though we've been together for nine years!).  The swish of the fabric, the sparkle of the dress and the train - you never forget just how special your wedding dress is." 

Much love. xxx”

Kate & Tim’s wedding was a very special wedding for us. Our daughter was just 7 days old when they got married!  We thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of documenting their special day!  To get to work with them again and see just how much in love they are was a real treat indeed!

Please enjoy a few photographs of this lovely couple on their Take 2 Shoot Smile









We hope Kate & Tim enjoyed their Take 2 Shoot as much as we did!

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