Saturday, July 23, 2011

The New Harry Potter?

Vanessa and I had the pleasure of meeting the Tapper family at Jinney Ring and had a lovely time with them. Their little boy was so engaging and energetic we had our hands full following the little guy around Smile 

As I was editing I came across a shot that reminded me of something out of Harry Potter and of course it made me smile and that image and that thought stuck with me the whole time I was editing their shoot… so of course I had to mention it here!

There was a bucket as well that caught the attention of our subject and he had quiet the time with it as well… The day was windy but we really enjoyed our time with the Tapper family, and there is a good chance he may have a future in Photography Smile


Expellee Amos Anyone?








Thank You to the Tappers for spending a little time with us!

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