Friday, August 21, 2009

Glass Hearts - Jo Downs

We love these! Followers of our blog will know already how much Rick & I love hearts.

These cute little hearts would make great wedding favors.

They are produced by UK based glass designer Jo Downs -

They can be shipped internationally too.

Jo Downs is one of the world’s most prominent fused glass designers. Her advanced fusion techniques allow for the creation of abstract designs of great individuality, vibrant color, amazing texture and depth.

Based in Cornwall, UK, Jo Downs' art draws inspiration from the natural world around her. Cornwall has a unique light that gently bathes the environment and has inspired artists for centuries. Jo gently working with the light, coaxing it to achieve her unique artistic ideas.

Along with a popular range of handmade giftware, Jo has developed her fusing studio to undertake large architectural and interior projects. this unique facility and her innovative designs have earned commissions for cruise liners, the very best hotels from around the world and numerous corporate head offices. She has also enjoyed a variety of private commissions, ranging from family homes to doctors surgeries and churches.

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  1. Beautifully photographed. I love the way you've caught the grain of the glass. I agree about Jo's work. We sell her glass in our shop Your Life Your Style in Winchester UK and it's always popular, especially as wedding gifts. Jo also uses hearts on some of her larger fused glass dishes.