Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Winter Portrait Promotion 2010

All through January and February we are offering lots of savings to our customers here at Foreverly.

Our portrait parties are so much fun and a great way to spend an afternoon or morning with children who are a little bored or who want play with friends.

All you need is your home and to invite a few friends over with their children to play and we will take great portraits for you and your friends. Its a bit like a birthday party without the birthday!

The best part is that if you host a Foreverly Portrait party during January or Febuary you get your portraits free of charge. That doesn't mean that we just pass on that charge to your friends either!

We love to take photographs and share our art and when the weather isn't so good this is a great way of doing that. E mail us for a Foreverly Portrait Party information pack to find out more!

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