Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some BIG news from us!!

We know things have been a little quiet here for a while but there has been a LOT going on!!
We are having a BABY!! Yes... you heard it here first.

This little one has been VERY considerate and has a due date (March) outside of wedding season!!

 We have also decided to base the Foreverly Studio in the UK. We've been busy working with clients old and new over the past month or so and word is getting around that we're back!!

We'll be holding an official UK launch event and of course you can book now for Pre Christmas shoots and 2011 weddings.

 Just call us on 07821 578613 or email us at:

The UK website is under construction but is 'live' at

We are really excited about where our journey is taking us now and look forward to hearing from and seeing our Foreverly friends!! 

with love and very best wishes

Rick & Vanessa xoxoxox

Introducing baby Sweeney aged 16 weeks:

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