Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Photographs

Portraits of our children is something every parent treasures. I recall a couple Christmas’s ago my parents gave each of my siblings and myself a box of all our individual photographs. We spent a couple of hours going through our own box of photographs as well as each others. We all agreed it was one of the best Christmas presents we had ever gotten. As there are six kids in my family you can imagine it took a while to get through all of the photographs. There was even a family portrait we all chipped in and got for my parents one year as a gift was one I know they still enjoy. It hasn’t been lost or worn out and it grows in value every year.

While we aren’t timeless our photographs are.

Vanessa and I have obviously taken loads of photographs of our newest addition but we have taken many, many children's portrait's over the years. It is something we really love to do. The clients we have that come back to us each year share with us the growth of their family and it is a privilege to be apart of that.

Our approach to children's portraits is simple, we don’t stress the children out. We interact with them play a game or share a toy but they are never rushed to preform or pose. We know as parents making the child (or any of our subjects) feel comfortable and relaxed  is the key to getting great photographs.

We take great care in our approach from the start through to delivering the finished product. These are family treasures after all!








Flexible appointments available for newborn & very young children!

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