Monday, May 2, 2011

Foreverly Album Designs!


Tim + Kate = Excellent Love Story!

Vanessa and I photographed this wedding just 7 days after Elliott was born Smile That’s how much Vanessa loves to photograph weddings!

She also did an album design for the happy couple!

Foreverly wedding album designs are done without the bride or groom having to select any photographs from the 700 plus images we deliver to our couples.

Why is this important?

Firstly, we have a unique insight into just how that day went and how our bride and groom reacted to each moment. We know what was emotional, what was special, what was touching and what was funny.

The initial design is done so our couples have a place to start, we don’t deliver the disk and ask you to choose 150 or so images so we can start to design your wedding album.

If we did you would have to make the time to sort through all those images! We know how busy  newlyweds are we realized that could delay the production of your wedding album for what could easily be several months.

Once the initial design is completed we send you a link to the album on the web so you can see it, share it and get input from family and friends. You can look at when and where ever you like and really give it your attention when it is convenient for you as a couple.

Any changes you want to make are handled the same way, you let us know what changes you would like and we make them for you. An updated version of your album is then presented to you for your consideration.

You won’t need to make time for design meetings as we can do it all online! If you would prefer to have a design meeting, we would love to buy you a cup of tea, have a chat about what we can do to deliver the wedding album you will cherish for years to come!

Now onto the album pages!


Album Pages are double page spreads so the image is the width of the album for maximum impact


We incorporate a lot of details to help you re-live your day every time you look at your album




Capturing the emotion of your day and preserving it in a beautiful dynamic fashion is our design goal







Every Album design is as special and unique as the couple we work with. We take a great deal of pride in our designs and finished albums. We use local suppliers whenever possible for greater quality control and support of our community.

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