Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Composites of Lauren–Just Having Fun

Ok, I will stop after these two! I have just had a great time editing Laurens shoot and as I am just about finished I thought I would put these last two up.

On the day of Laurens shoot she gave us a beautiful hand made Thank You card that she had done and last night I received a Thank You text from her! She is ever so thoughtful and kind and we really do look forward to working with her again!

She told me last night in her text her friends liked her pictures as well and we would be happy to work with any of Laurens friends on their own photo shoot and help them create their first portfolio as we did for Lauren.



We will be offering a 25% discount (until March 5th 2011)to anyone arranging a portrait shoot that refers to this blog post and mentions Lauren’s Photo Shoot!

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