Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family Portraits


Looking back my youngest daughter turned 21 years old this week. It really does seem just like yesterday that I was putting her on the bus for pre-school. As we get older our memory isn’t always as sharp and keen as it once was. With photographs we have a way to recall all those times gone by. To share and laugh at the pictures of us in the clothes and hair styles of the time. One of my favorite times is sitting around with my family (all 5 of my brothers and sisters) and me and my kids looking at photographs from our childhood.

Vanessa and I had a blast photographing this family! The two girls were both cute as a button and great to work with. They were not at all camera shy and willing to play as we worked.

At the end of the day we have great memories and pictures only serve to enhance those memories. Family Portrait Photography is something we think is very important and every family should have a current portrait done.

I hope you enjoy these family photos!

Annabel Montage 2
emily montage 2
Family Montage 3


Thank You Steve, Louise, Annabel and Emily we really enjoyed our time with you!

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