Friday, February 18, 2011

Planning Photography Coverage for Your Wedding Day


Some couples book us with budget at the forefront of their thinking and who can blame them. In this economy it is tight for all of us. We appreciate that, the result is we work even harder to give our couples the photographic coverage of their wedding day that they want, not just what they think they can afford.

“Time is Money” but in this case “Time is Memories”. Booking a wedding photographer for 4 hours may give you the impression that you will have all the important parts of your day covered but maybe it is just as important to think about what isn’t being covered.

As an example - you book four hours of photography coverage, you may choose to start with some getting ready photographs of the bride. This would be followed by the groom and his groomsmen and perhaps some photographs with parents at this point. Next would be photographic coverage of the bride arriving at the church, the ceremony and then on to the reception for a few photographs on the remaining time.

Have you allowed time for us to take you and your partner away for some romantic photographs at the venue? Is there time for any group photographs of the bridal party, relatives that may have travelled long distances or you rarely get to see? Have you left time for photographing the speeches? The cake cutting? The photographs of your first dance together as a couple? What about a receiving line at the reception or candid shots with your friends and co-workers.

When Vanessa and I photograph a wedding (and I mean every wedding) we always photograph it as if we are going to produce a wedding album for our couple. It doesn’t matter if they have purchased one or even asked for one. Our photographic style is to photograph our couples in a fashion that allows us to tell the story of their day. The little details of the brides dress, shoes, flowers, special jewelry. The expression on a fathers face, as he sees his little girl as woman in her wedding gown are all parts of the story we want to tell for our couples. This gives our couples the option of ordering an album when it is more finically feasible if they so desire. Once the day has past all the memories that were left undocumented are gone and can’t be recovered.

Some couples think they can rely on friends or family members to capture these precious moments. But is it worth risking these once in a life time moments to the inexperienced, untrained eye that may not be looking for these things or even aware that they are happening.

We work with our couples to help them plan and get the very most out of the wedding photography coverage that they can afford. At the end of the day what is left? The limo is gone, the food has been enjoyed and the friends and family have gone home. So when you want to remember and re-live this most special of days you reach for your wedding pictures.



We would be happy to help you plan your wedding day photography coverage it’s included in all of our packages!

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