Friday, August 26, 2011

Digital Negatives- Do you know what’s on your Disc?

Color Correction! Do you color correct your photographs? If your asking “what’s that” or “how do you do that” you may not be aware of just how important that is to your digital negatives!
Yes I said Digital Negatives Smile  So you get a friend to shoot your wedding and they put all your images on Disc just like we do Smile So far so good… well so far so good if they caught all the right moments, framed and composed your images properly and even better if they had off camera lighting to capture the best of you & your soul mate without all the harsh shadows of an on camera flash!
However… are those images that you have on Disc now in a format that has been color corrected, blemish removal such as dust or heaven forbid a pimple or two been tended to? Are they cropped in a fashion that allows you to use them or will you need to do some editing of your own?
The Digital Negative is the image you get on the disc – what format are you getting the negatives in? Maximized or just out of the camera? Everything in the days of film went to the lab to be processed and developed. Digital goes into the computer lab and is processed by the photographer of someone sub-contracted to process them. It is so very important to get those images in the correct format so you can print them and get the absolute best out of your photographs!
The Reds are Reds and The Whites are Creamy Smile
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