Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Photography Question

How many Family Photographs do you have that every one is in the photograph? Who is usually behind the camera? Mom or Dad?

Some one missing from a family photograph means it’s not a family photograph… it’s a photograph that has every one in it but a family member that is critical to that family and the composition of that family.

It’s really difficult to recreate moments when you don’t have everyone in the photograph. What the heck was Dad thinking wearing those pants? Or those crazy sideburns he had that year. The point is the person behind the camera should not be a person that belongs in the photograph.

I know there are occasions other than Christmas and weddings  where the whole family gathers together and we cover those events! We love doing family reunions or family gatherings. It isn’t something that requires a huge amount of time. Each family has access to all of the images online and on disc and if each family is splitting the cost it really is a value you can’t pass by.







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