Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Packages?

Vanessa is brilliant!

We have always had a variety of photography packages for our wedding couples to choose from. They are intended to help them chose their photography coverage. There are so many possible combinations of albums, coverage hours, and services it sometimes felt like we were pushing our couples towards an existing package.

So…what was Vanessa’s brilliant idea?

 The Foreverly Wedding Photography Planning Calculator!    


New for 2012 - Vanessa developed this easy to use, self explanatory, custom calculator. It gives our couples the control to plan their photography coverage. You plan the length of the coverage, the type and size of the album and how many photographers to cover the day. Input that information and it will give you the cost of the wedding photography coverage you want.

We are always available to help you tweak package if need be to further maximize your budget.

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