Thursday, August 18, 2011

Facebook Head Shots

Everyone needs a good profile pic for LinkedIn or Facebook and other online social networking sites  right? Well yes definitely right!
What is it that attracts us to just about anything we buy, love and wear? How it looks! Our business presence on line is no different. If you have a blurry or poorly lit photograph representing you or your business and company what does it say about you?
That you couldn’t be bothered? Because it’s easier to pull out your camera phone? But they should definitely consider you and your services!  
Well good news for all you people that think it costs to much or is to much trouble to get a professional portrait made!
We are going to be doing our Family Mini Shoots again in September! We will be offering “Headshots” on those days in conjunction with the family shoots. So you can show up and have a professional business headshot and receive the digital file of that head shot in a full resolution format and a web sized version. Permission to print is included!  
Interested? Email or call for Details!
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